Savoring Mexico - 256 pages - $39.95 USD

140 Mexican recipes, hundreds of large, full color photos of food, people, and life in Mexico. Many first-hand accounts about what life and food is like in Mexico. The recipes of this book are interspersed between interesting stories of what life in Mexico is like. Savoring Mexico practically takes you to the streets of the Mexican villages where these meals are routinely prepared every day. So you end up learning a lot about Mexican culture as you learn to make its food.

The ingredients of each recipe are set apart from the rest of the text in a box with a colored background. This makes it easy to see when you're working in the kitchen.

The pages of this book are large, making room for large, color photos of the recipes. And in addition to the recipe photos, there are a lot of photos of native Mexicans eating, drinking, working in restaurants, enjoying their lives, etc. As you page through the recipes of the book, you'll notice that the place of origin of each recipe is shown at the top of the recipe.

Organization of the book -- So, what's the layout of the book look like? Well, after the introduction, the recipes are organized into sections by food group. Snacks and appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, deserts, and beverages. The book ends with a full glossary and index.

This is the book to get if you want to really get to know the country where Mexican food originates, and something about its people. The sub-title of the book is Recipes and Reflections on Mexican Cooking. At the front of the book is a huge, two-page map of the country of Mexico. On the map is shown the major cities and states. It's fun to refer to the map and see from what part of the country each of the recipes originates.

In among all the recipes and background information on Mexico and Mexican food are more than 20 smaller feature articles that tell of Mexican holidays, customs, and special traditions. These make for interesting and informative reading. You can enjoy these as you page through the book looking for a recipe to make.

So with this book you'll get 140 authentic Mexican recipes, but you get so much more. You get page after page of interesting insight into Mexican culture and history.