Modern Mexican Flavors - 223 pages - $35.00 USD

This is a solid Mexican cook book and recipe book written from the valuable perspective of a Mexican restaurant owner that gives you valuable insights into the preparation and serving of the most popular and requested Mexican cuisine.

Here are some of the features you'll find this book has: plenty of large, full color, close up photos of the delicious Mexican foods. A lot of beautiful photos of popular places in Mexico like Acapulco, Mexico City, and Guadalajara. This is a lot of cultural and historic and geographic information about the country of Mexico.

How this book is a benefit to a Mexican restaurant owner. A section about serving wine with Mexican food. Find out which wines go best with each of the types of Mexican foods served in a restaurant.

So what do you get with each of the 125 recipes in this book? Well, most of them have a full page, full color photo ( a few don't). The recipes start with the Spanish name at the top followed by a detailed English translation. The recipes all have a paragraph of introduction. These can give some useful and interesting background information about the recipe you're about to prepare. Toward the beginning they tell you how many people the recipe will serve. The background of the ingredient list is shaded in a darker color the the rest of the page. This makes for easier reading and you can find it quickly.

The step by step recipe preparation instructions are detailed and complete. Some of the recipes have extra photos that demonstrate or detail some special steps or prcedures to assist you in getting the recipe prepared correctly. There is also a detailed serving instruction at the end of each recipe. Note: As this is a recipe book written from the perspective of a Mexican restaurant owner, this would be a valuable resource for current or prospective Mexican restaurant owners.

One of the things this book has that most other recipe books don't have is learning about how to make tequila.

As you'd expect, all the recipes are organized by meal course: Appetizers, salads and soups, first course, entrees, and deserts. In the back of the book is a list of companies you can contact to order ingredients for the Mexican recipes. There's a full and complete index at the back of the book. This index has a cool feature where the photographs of the book are indexed by having picture page numbers shown in italics. This is a valuable extra feature that the author has provided.