Mexican Family Cooking - 385 pages - $19.95 USD

Are you searching for a family style Mexican cooking book packed with delicious recipes? If you are you'll like this book because it has over 260 authentic recipes you can make yourself. With this cookbook you get an exhaustive resource of practically any type of Mexican dish you'd ever want to prepare. No space is wasted as recipe after delicious recipe is packed into the pages of this book. One advantage to a book like this is you get a large amount of recipes, and background information about Mexican cooking. History of the dish, part of the country where the food was made popular. All kinds of interesting details you don't always get in every cookbook.

Let's take a look at what you can expect to see for a typical recipe.

Recipe Title
Each title is in large type bold at the top of the page. Under each English recipe title is the Spanish translation. A long paragraph introduces the recipe - giving very interesting background information on the food you're about to prepare.

The main organization of the recipes is by the type of food: there are chapters on preparing dishes with seafood, poultry, meat, and eggs. And there are separate chapters devoted to salads, sauses, and vegetables. Also included are rice, pasta, soups, and appetizers. All in all, a fine book for having as a reference to hundreds of delicious and popular Mexican style meals.