Discovering Authentic Mexican Cooking - 216 pages - $29.95 USD

You'll find over 90 Real Mexican food recipes in this 216 page book. Each recipe has a paragraph or two that introduce you to the recipe. In this introductory section you'll learn a little about the origin of the meal. Also, you'll read background information and history of the foods. Finally, you'll see additional instruction and information that tells you specific serving and presentation tips for the recipe or meal.

All the recipe books out there are unique in some way. This one's no exception. Having its own special features and colorful presentation of Mexican recipes. After some introduction at the front, the book dives in with an explanation of some basic ingredients of Mexican recipes that the reader may not be familiar with. These include somewhat obscure Mexican recipe ingredients such as cachaca, agavero, and mulato. Anyway, each of these ingredients is described in a lengthy paragraph, which also gives places or examples where the basic ingredient would typically be used. Occasionally the ingredient is accompanied by a color photo.

Each of the 90 recipes begins by presenting its title in Spanish, then its English translation. Next, they tell you haw many people the recipe will serve. The ingredient list is set off to one side for easy viewing and reference. Preparation instructions are given in a relaxed and detailed manner. The recipes of the book are organized by the meal they would typically be served for.

In addition to the many recipe photos, the book also has many pictures of Mexican food and food-related items that you may find quite interesting and educational. Among these are pictures of a tortilla press, a nopal, various tequilla bottles, some molinillos, avocado leaves, and others. These photos add interest to the book and increase you knowledge of Mexican cooking and culture.