How To Make Mexican Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a great Mexican food you can make in a matter of a few minutes. They are delicious, and they make a great snack because they are fast and easy to prepare. You can make a meal of quesadillas too, especially by adding optional ingredients like chicken. We hope you enjoy this Mexican Quesadilla video recipe.

This is a transcript in English of the Quesadilla recipe video:

This is a fast quesadilla recipe. You can make these from with many things inside, these will be simple cheese quesadillas. We'll allow the tortillas to warm up in the pan a little, meanwhile we'll cut up the cheese slices.

We turn over the tortillas. We allow the tortillas to warm up in the pan for about half a minute. We put the tortillas to warm for 30 seconds on each side, and we cut up the cheese. You can use mozzarella cheese, or also any one of a number of your favorite cheeses. (like cheddar or American.)

When the tortillas has had a chance to warm up, we place the cheese slices into the tortilla. We let it warm under heat for a little while to melt the cheese.

You can have a lot of variations when you make your quesadillas. If you'd like you can add chunks of chicken, or other ingredients you might like.

We check inside the tortilla to see if the cheese has melted, if not we let it warm a little while longer.

There are 2 ways to prepare the quesadillas. With just cheese, or with sour cream, lettuce, and more melted cheese sprinkled on top. And you can also add some type of salsa that you like.

For example, on this quesadilla, we add a little sour cream, lettuce, and cheese. And if you like, whatever kind of salsa you prefer.