Watch How Authentic Mexican Salsa Is Made

Salsa is an important part of Mexican food and its preparation. A lot of popular Mexican meals just wouldn't be quite the same without that added touch of the proper salsa. The correct salsa gives food its zest, it makes a meal taste great, and it also keeps it from getting too dry.

Salsa verde is popular salsa served in many Mexican restaurants. You can use this recipe and video and make this salsa yourself in the kitchen at home. This is a fine salsa that you'll make in a blender.

This green salsa is typically a medium heat where it's not too spicy and not too mild. This is a great salsa to make to add to tacos and burritos and many other popular Mexican foods. It's a good salsa to add where you want the natural flavor of the dish to come through without a chance of being overpowered by a hot salsa.

If you're interested in making your own salsa take a look at the video on this page. All the ingredients are listed here and are available from any supermarket food store.

Salsa Ingredient List
This is a picture of the ingredients that will be used for the recipe to make authentic Mexican Salsa - including .

Instructions For Preparing the Salsa
This salsa verde recipe will teach you to make the popular salsa served in most Mexican restaurants. It's served often with chips as an appetizer, or with main dishes like burritos and tacos.
Here some of the ingredients of the Mexican Salsa recipe being prepared at the kitchen stove.
You can use this video recipe and make this salsa yourself in the kitchen at home. Let's get started!

The ingredients you'll use for this salsa include 3 medium tomatillos, 3 cayenne peppers, a tablespoon of chopped onion,a small clove of garlic, and salt to taste.

Begin by placing the tomatillos in a saucepan of water. Add the 3 cayenne peppers as show. Heat to boiling and cook for about 10 minutes.
This is a picture of the finished salsa made from this recipe, served complete with tortilla chips as you would typically see as an appetizer in a Mexican restaurant.

While the tomatillos are cooking chop up about a tablespoon of onion

Now add the tomatillos, onion, garlic, and salt to the blender along with about a quarter cup of water. Blend on the high setting for about 15 seconds.

Serve the finished salsa with a plate of tortilla chips as shown in the photo here, or on burritos, tacos, or any of your favorite Mexican foods.