How To Make Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Now, we are going to make fajitas. We part the onion in half, and we make slices of the onion. We do the same with the green pepper. We cut it from top to bottom, in order to make the slices that we need.

Now here in this bowl, I have everything already sliced up ahead of time. Now, we are going to slice the chicken... to use to make the fajitas. We are going to cut the chicken up in little slices... Similar to the way we sliced up the green pepper and the onion.

We slice in a way so that the slices of meat we end up with look like this... We're going to aim to have the slices similar in size to the other ingredients we sliced up.

Now we are going to add some olive oil to the frying pan. We are going to add the chicken to the frying pan with the oil in it. Now is a good time to add some salt to taste, if desired. We let the meat cook for a while in the frying pan.

About one minute on each side. So it cooks well. We add in the onion. We add in the green peppers. We cook it all together so that the flavor will be at it's best. We grate a clove of garlic. To make it taste even better. We're going to let this cook for about ten minutes. For about seven to ten minutes, depending on the height of the flame. We'll be stirring this occasionally, mixing it all around. We're going to be looking for a time when the meat is starting to brown. And when the green pepper and the onion start to soften. Then we know the cooking is finished, and we'll be reading to continue with the next step of our fajita preparation.

Now that we have the meat browned, now we're ready to assemble the fajitas. We have here a package of flour tortillas. We put a little non-stick spray into the frying pan. This way the tortillas won't come out too dry. The flour tortilla for making the fajitas.

We let this heat up for a while. Heat it for approximately one minute on each side. So that the tortilla get nice and soft. Now that the tortilla is cooked, we remove it from the pan. We put it on the plate, and begin to fill it up.

If you want to, you can add cheese to the fajitas. We fold it first like this, this part here so that none of the ingredients can fall out, and after we roll it up like this. And now it's ready to eat, and to enjoy. You can also add on top the toppings that you like, such as sour cream, cheese, salsa, etc.